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Monthly Mito Expert Series

by GingerD

Stephanie Deady is a little apprehensive about attending her first MitoAction Energy Walk & 5K. It’s been a whirlwind year since her son, Logan, was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease and she still hasn’t processed it all.

“Being around so many people with similar issues makes it so real,” said the North Providence, RI, mom.

“I wake up and I just do it. I just move forward, because I have to. When I stop and think about it, the tears will come. I want to meet other people, but I don’t want to cry.”

Aug 20, 2014 Comments: 0
by GingerD

DERRY, NH –Amy and Jason Marquis’ daughter was given a death sentence. Riley, also known as Little Miss Roo, has Leigh’s Disease, one of the most devastating forms of mitochondrial disease.

Aug 11, 2014 Comments: 0
by GingerD

Every year, Rita Cerruti makes more than 300 mitochondrial disease awareness ribbons to hand out at the MitoAction Energy Walk & 5K. And every year, they are gone in minutes!

It’s just one way Rita, 82, a lifelong crafter, raises awareness about the disease that affects her daughter, Lisa, team captain of LC’s MitoBusters. “Making these things is my way to raise awareness,” Rita said.

Aug 08, 2014 Comments: 0
by GingerD

At summer camp, Stephen Nielsen is just one of the guys … telling jokes, talking with friends, fishing, boating, and doing archery.

“Most kids just want to be seen as normal and a part of the crowd. But you don’t always get that when you have something different,” said Diane, Stephen’s mom.

Stephen’s mitochondrial disease makes him different from most – except at camp.

Aug 07, 2014 Comments: 0
by GingerD
Jubinvilles celebrate 10 years of MitoAction walks

Lori Jubinville of Chicopee, MA, was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease in June 2005. In September 2005, Lori and husband Mark attended the first MitoAction Energy Walk. This year, along with MitoAction, the couple will mark 10 years of walking to raise awareness about this devastating disease.

Aug 06, 2014 Comments: 0
by GingerD

One little girl is using the colors of the rainbow to raise awareness about mitochondrial disease, the disorder that affects her. Alyssa Curley, the heart and soul of Team Lissy Loo of the MitoAction Energy Walk & 5K, decided to make and sell rainbow loom bracelets to benefit MitoAction.

Aug 06, 2014 Comments: 0
by GingerD

The Mito Warrior of Fultonville, NY, will be in Boston for his very first MitoAction Energy Walk & 5K this year and hopes to meet other kids just like him.

He couldn’t attend last year’s walk because his friends and family were holding a benefit for him on the same day. Since his family and friends helped him, Ethan Allen, 9, wants to give back and help others. He is raising money for kids just like him who have mitochondrial disease by collecting bottles and cans. He will give all the proceeds to MitoAction on behalf of his team, Mito Warrior’s Platoon, to help Mito families.

Aug 06, 2014 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells

What is the impact of illness or infection on a patient with mitochondrial disease?

Jul 24, 2014 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells
Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial DysfunctionJoin us Friday, May 2nd 2014 for an informative discussion with Dr. Richard Frye, Director of Autism Research and Director of the Autism Multispecialty Clinic at Arkansas Children's Hospital Research Institute.There is increasing evidence that mitochondrial dysfunction is associated with autism spectrum disorder.
Apr 29, 2014 Comments: 6
by Christine Cox

As media coverage of the Justina Pelletier case has grown, so has the misconception that mitochondrial disease is closely correlated with medical child abuse and its predecessor diagnosis, Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy. On behalf of MitoAction and the mitochondrial disease patients we represent, we are extremely troubled by this development and wish to highlight the obvious differences between mitochondrial disease and medical child abuse.

Apr 16, 2014 Comments: 0