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From Birthday Party to Fundraiser


From Birthday Party to Fundraiser

In 2008, Jack Pascucci from North Andover, MA. was in kindergarten and wanted to have a street hockey birthday party with his close friends. His celebration included shirts, a "concession stand," an award ceremony, and Junior Hockey players volunteering as "coaches." A tradition was born ... 

Jack was always the captain of one of the hockey teams while his friend, Michael Harty, was the captain of the other. This led to renaming the event the "Jack and Mikey Birthday Classic" when the boys were in second grade. 

By sixth grade Jack felt he had grown out of having birthday parties even though the same friends who had come to the event since kindergarten were begging him to continue the tradition. 

When Matthew Harty, Michael's little brother, passed away in December 2013, Jack had a difficult time dealing with his emotions. He was overcome with such sadness for his friend and the Harty family. Kristen, Jack's mother, listened to her son's feelings and watched as "his mind-set went from feeling helpless to hopeful" as the idea of changing the birthday party to a fundraiser for Matthew came to mind! 

When word about the Matthew Harty Mito Classic spread, Bob Sweeney, the former Boston Bruins player who is now the director of The Bruins Charitable Foundation, was so impressed by Jack and Michael, he wanted to be a part of the event. He offered to donate signed memorabilia and match donations up to $1,500 for The Matthew Harty Camper Fund.

This year, the Pascucci family is extending the Matthew Harty Mito Classic invite to their entire community in hopes this tradition will continue for years to come. They believe the boys should cherish their memories and continue to enjoy playing hockey while raising money for Mito in honor of their beloved friend, Matthew.