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by Shawney7491
Top-line data expected by the end of 2018

Mar 06, 2018 Comments: 0
by admin

IRVING, Texas, March 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Mar 01, 2018 Comments: 0
by admin

ATLANTA, January 8, 2018 -- The Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine (FMM), MitoAction, the Mitochondrial Medicine Society (MMS) and the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF) collectively announce an important new initiative to create a Mitochondrial Care Network (Network).

Jan 08, 2018 Comments: 0
by admin

Woburn, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)—Courtagen Life Sciences Inc. announced today that the company will be shifting the core focus of its business to medicinal cannabis genetics and testing. As the company reorients its business to respond to the growing opportunities in the medicinal cannabis industry, the company has made the decision to wind down its diagnostic neurology testing division.

Jul 24, 2017 Comments: 0
by admin

The thoughts and prayers of the entire mitochondrial disease community are with Charlie Gard and his mother and father, Chris Gard and Connie Yates.  They have decided to withdraw their request to have little Charlie treated with an experimental therapy.  Medical experts have told the family it would not be effective for him.

Jul 24, 2017 Comments: 0
by admin
MitoAction, the Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine and UMDF have jointly authored an editorial that was sent to major newspaper outlets across the United States.
Jul 11, 2017 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells

Preventing mitochondrial disease in future generations: New techniques may stop the transmission of faulty DNA from mother to child.

-       Cristy Balcells RN MSN

Feb 16, 2015 Comments: 0
by Christine Cox
Last spring, MitoAction announced the formation of the Advocacy Task Force to address recurrent and widespread allegations of Munchausen Syndrome, Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, and Medical Child Abuse throughout the mitochondrial disease community.  The purpose of the Advocacy Task Force is to provide a well-reasoned community response to this issue from members of our disease community. 
Dec 10, 2014 Comments: 0


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