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by Cristy Balcells
How do you cope with the unpredictable, invisible disease? TO LISTEN TO THE RECORDING OF THIS MEETING,  CLICK HERE


Sep 30, 2009 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells

September 20 - September 26, 2009 is International Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week. During this week we renew our commitment to educate, support and advocate on behalf of mitochondrial disease patients and their families.

Sep 21, 2009 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells
Is it time for school already?


Aug 31, 2009 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells
September MITO Meeting welcomes guest speaker Dr.
Aug 19, 2009 Comments: 13
by Cristy Balcells
ABC's Extreme Home Makeover & the Boston Bruins Foundation work with MitoAction for the makeover of the Tufts Medical Center Metabolism Clinic

July 2009, Boston MA

Jul 06, 2009 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells
Help! G-tubes, J-tubes, TPN - Where do we begin?

June 5th, 2009

May 27, 2009 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells
Palliative care & hospice: Quality of Life Dr. Pat O'Malley from Massachusetts General Hospital talks about long-term care and quality of life support for adults and children with mitochondrial disease.

Mar 26, 2009 Comments: 2
by Cristy Balcells


Listen to the recording of this meeting here

Jan 05, 2009 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells

September 21st, 2008Cambridge, Massachusetts

615 people came together for one cause, and the result was incredible!

Read the 2008 Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week Press Release

Five years ago, before MitoAction even existed as an organization, a family who is dealing with the diagnosis of mitochondrial disease may have been alone in their efforts to understand and find support and advocacy for the disorder.

Sep 26, 2008 Comments: 0
by admin

Mitochondria...what's that?Mitochondrial disease in adults is a complicated disorder to diagnose. It has myriad  signs and symptoms and body systems involved. This, coupled with the fact that it is not a well-known disorder, makes diagnosis a long and difficult task.

Mar 29, 2007 Comments: 5


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