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July 2008 Meeting: Pain

Listen to the audio recording of this meeting

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, several keywords probably come to mind. Chemotherapy, metastasis, remission, radiation...and pain.

What are the keywords we automatically refer to when we hear "mitochondrial disease"?


One part of the mission of MitoAction is to improve awareness about mitochondrial disease, and that includes identifying some of the most common symptoms and issues that challenge many adults and children with Mito. pain scale

Pain is a very global term, but is an experience common to many who have mitochondrial disease. Pain can occur from headache, muscles, the nerves, the gut, etc. What are the triggers? How can one cope, or treat, the pain?

Each month, MitoAction holds a toll-free, international teleconference to address topics important to the Mito community.

Join us, Friday July 11 at noon eastern standard time to discuss PAIN with guest speaker Dr. Irina Anselm from Children's Hospital Boston. A practicing pediatric neurlogist, Irina Anselm's research is focused on clinical presentation of children with mitochondrial disorders and their response to therapy with different medications and vitamins/ supplements.

MitoAction General Meeting Details:

Friday, July 11, 2008 (Topic: Pain)
Noon eastern US time (find your time zone)
Toll-free 1-866-414-2828, participant code 017921


All are welcome!
These meetings are recorded and posted as an audio file for download along with the summary on the MitoAction blog.



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