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School tips for Kids with Mito

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Friday, September 07 2012 12:00pm EDT

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Join us this month with education chair Kirsten Casale and executive director and author Cristy Balcells to answer parent's most commonly asked questions about helping kids with Mito be successful in school.

Kids with Mito are complex. Navigating the educational system is also complex. Often parents are wonderful advocates but don't know or understand the law. How can parents help their kids get the most out of their school experience?

Join us FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 7th by toll-free teleconference as we tackle these questions and address the myths and obstacles in our interactive and informative discussion.

This meeting will be recorded and posted in iTunes and online.

Sound too familiar?

  • My child's teachers just don't get it.
  • Why have an IEP vs. a 504?
  • What is OHI and why is it important for kids with Mito?
  • What are some real-life examples of accomodations and modifications for my child?
  • What am I allowed to ask for? What are our rights?
  • Do I need to pay for outside evaluations in order to get services for my child?
  • The school told me they don't accept that diagnosis.
  • The school wants to help but they say they just don't have the resources to offer therapies for my child.
  • Maybe homeschooling is the best option....


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