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Hello everyone,

      The last couple of months have been so busy. Anthony starting school. It feels like he goes to school a day or two and then is sick again. Before Christmas he was sick alot and was in the hospital. Every since that he has been getting so constipated. Nothing seems to be helping him get back on track. He takes enulose, we have incressed fluids more. Enamas are the only thing that seem to help him pass it. Any suggestions?

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My suggestion is Mirilax, but maybe you have tried that already. That was the only thing that worked for our daughter. We tried oodles of meds and gave oodles of enemas over a 4 year period, and finally Mirilax was the magic bullet. Beth
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Hi Sarah, For me, It's been the Cod-liver oil that has ended 30 years of constipation. The other thing i was taught in my teens, was to make it a routine to sit on the toilet every morning at the same time.(roughly) (re-training the brain) Now, if i don't use the toilet when i get the urge, i don't get the urge again until the next day. It seems to work for me. I hope Anthony is feeling better soon. Take care, Jan
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Anthonys mom


Thank you, Beth and Jan. He has tried all kinds of meds and oils. We have never tried Cod-live oil. We are going to try that. As far as routine we are still encouraging him to use the potty period. He is still ends up in diapers most of the time. He wants NOTHING to do with the potty! Except one day we went to the local childrens museum and they had a little tiny potty. He pulled his pants down pulled his diaper and went on it. Stubborn little boy! LOL.
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This may not seem related, but it is! Has Anthony been evaluated for dysautonomia? I say this because I was just recently put on a medication for autonomic dysfunction and one of the surprise benefits is that I'm no longer constipated. In my case the dysautonomia presents itself as cold intolerance, rapid heart rate on standing, ALWAYS being dehydrated, slow GI, and all that contributes to my fatigue. If I remember correctly some of those symptoms are present in Anthony. I was told to eat a lot of salt per day (1/4 tsp. per liter of water) and my water intake went down from 200 oz. a day to 135. Plus, the sore throat I always had from being thirsty went away, and I don't have dehydrated related crashes anymore. With the new medicine I have more energy, I am not as sensitive to extreme temperatures, my heart rate is better (145 vs. 175bpm), I actually get hungry, I'm not constipated, and I have more energy. Sorry if this isn't helpful at all! Best wishes!
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Hi Sarah, for me, I take Enulose,2x's a day and it helps me, I did have to in crease from 1x to 2x's. GOOD LUCK AND God Bless...Also CONGRATULATIONS to Beth.... God Bless, Lori :)
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Anthonys mom


Rachel, I haven't been on for a while we just came back from the doctor today. Anthony has had cronic cough on and off since October. He has not been tested for it. I will have to call her back and ask. Constipation, fatigue, dehydration are issue he deals with Daily. Thank you so much. You are so Helpfull!

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I have Melas, am 67. Have had constipation all my life. In Dec. diagnosed with mito condition. Both my grandsons, one age 6, one age 13, severely constiptated. They have dysmotility, and pseudoobstruction, part of Melas disease. Have seen pediatric gastroenterologists. BOTH, and me included, have found Mirilax, to relieve it. The older boy also needs a prescription because so much of his bowel is paralyzed-no waves. Since taking Mirilax, they are symptom free. Oldest grandson missed 6 weeks of school, Feb.-March. On the website you can call and have a CD sent to your doctors, explaining gastro problems. It has been very helpful to us. Good luck, and I know you can find relief, we have. Trouble with Enulase is it causes such dehydration, so we stopped using it.
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Help for constipation

Although I don't have MELAS, between GI problems associated w/ MITO and medications, I was prescribed Enulose (double ICK!) for my constipation. After sharing that I hated the idea of (and cost involved with) taking yet another medicine and that I'd gone 5 days w/o a bm, a dear friend of mine told me about a WONDERFUL natural suppliment that really worked for her without the ICK factor, or concerns about 'dependancy'. It's called 'Herbs & Prunes' made by Nature's Life, and is carried by SPROUTS, locally (AZ) for around $7.00 for 100 tabs.

The 'normal' dose is one per day, but because it had been 'a while'  I took 4 the first time and there were NO unpleasant side effects -- urgency, gas, odor, watery consistency, etc. -- when it worked around 12 hours later. (w/MITO and meds, rather than the normal dose, I take 2 to 3 for daily regularity.) Hope this is helpful... Blessings

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I have not looked online lately for solutions.  This sounds great!  I have used Senna, a plant that creates bowel waves and it works well.  Trouble is, it acts like a laxative and causes dependency, so have been careful not to use unless really necessary.

I will look for your Herbs and Prunes product.  It would be convenient when traveling because Mirilax has to be taken in liquid, something not always convenient.

Thanks for sharing.  Blessing to you also--