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MitoAction Family Weekend

Thirty-two families with a child diagnosed with mitochondrial disease will have the opportunity to spend a weekend at Victory Junction Camp in Randelman, NC. Eligible families, including parents, siblings, and the patient’s caregiver, from across the United States, will join us to take a reprieve from the daily challenges of living with mitochondrial disease. Taking this time to connect with a community of support, sharing a fun weekend together while making incredible memories, will help families strive to live beyond the disease.

MitoAction believes that every child, no matter his or her illness or disability, deserves the chance to just be a kid and enjoy exhilarating experiences.

Through our partnership with Victory Junction, a member of the SeriousFun Children’s Network, families will be able to get away from their everyday challenges of mitochondrial disease and focus on the unique qualities each member brings to the family. Throughout the weekend attendees will meet and fellowship with others who face similar concerns. Families build lasting memories together as a WHOLE as well as find a renewed hope and support from a community that will continue to uplift them on their journey with mitochondrial disease well beyond the camp weekend.

The children and their families will be transformed as they enjoy activities they never thought were possible, including whizzing down a zip line, riding a horse, climbing the adventure tower, bowling, or playing kickball in the indoor super dome. Moms and Dads will even have the opportunity to enjoy a quiet, candlelit dinner.

Since the founding of the Matthew Harty Camper Fund, MitoAction has provided the opportunity for more than 300 individual children diagnosed with mitochondrial disease to attend summer camp. We look forward to expanding this experience and celebrating our incredible Mito Families by providing an opportunity for them to enjoy a restful, fun-filled and uniquely designed weekend filled with quality time together and creating unforgettable memories!

About the Matthew Harty Camper Fund

2014 was the year Matthew Harty's parents, Paul and Sarah, were going to send him to summer camp. Unfortunately, Matthew never got the chance. Just days after his 8th birthday, Matthew died of mitochondrial disease. The Matthew Harty Camper Fund is named in honor of this amazing little boy and in his memory, MitoAction is committed to sending as many kids with mitochondrial disease as possible to camp.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, you must have at least one child, under age 19, who is affected by mitochondrial disease.  Up to 8 members of the family can attend camp, including the camper(s) and caregiver.

What do you need to apply?

To complete your application, you will need the following items for your camper:

1) Medical Insurance Details

2) Immunization Records (to upload as a PDF, PNG, JPG, DOC, XLS)

3) Medication List (to upload as a PDF, PNG, JPG, DOC, XLS)

4) Pediatrician or Primary Care Physician and Specialists' information

5) Medical Action Plan (to upload as a PDF, PNG, JPG, DOC, XLS)

6) Seizure Protocol (if applicable) (to upload as a PDF, PNG, JPG, DOC, XLS)

A Camper Application will need to be completed for each child affected by mitochondrial disease (camper(s)).  A Family Member/Caregiver Application will need to be completed for each additional member of the family and caregiver who will attend camp.


If you have any questions concering the application or eligibility, please email



Please complete one application for each child (referred to as camper) affected by mitochondrial disease.

Each family member / caregiver will need to fill out a separate application.


Share in the experince by volunteering to ensure families have a weekend they will never forget!