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Functional Mitochondrial Disorders

  To Dr.Boles/Cristy Balcell,

  Thank-you so much for the great presentation, I joined in but couldn't understand most of it over the phone because of my hearing impairment.

I have access the slides that have been posted on and was dump founded to see all the information and the simplicity in which it was presented.I couldn't believe my eyes as all this 'functional disorders" are just our family history and described so well a few members of our family and also explained everything that we didn't have answers for .I  have shared this information with my health care team and they were veru thankful for it..


I would like to ask both of you some questions:

1.Does Mito patients have differents tolerance to medications than the regular populations-I've so many side effects from different medications-that I can hardly tolerate any of them and when I'm getting sick I'm very concerned always what it is going to do to me. Lately I was put on Ciprofloxacin for UTI and ended up with major neurological side effects from it.

2. Does Mito patients have more problems with snoring at night and what are the reasons for it-any suggestions for treatment (I've Asthma).

3.Is there any preventative treatment for other family member of Mito patients in order to preserve their hearing (I've a son 24 years old)?

that I'm worried might end-up like myself.Anything I can do now to prevent it?

 Thank-you so much for all your help.

Have a Happy Holidays Season

Miriam Yaniv