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Hi I'm Stevens and my partner is Zara, we live in the UK and at present are going through the adoption process. We have spotted a lovely little boy called Sam who we would like to provide a forever home for, we have read his profile and he seems like an ordinary little 10 month old boy but his social worker has mentioned to us that his half brother suffers from "mito" and there is uncertainty as to wether Sam would develop it. His half brother started developing "mito" at around 9-10 years old and is now in a wheelchair whereas previously he was an active little boy, Sam also has two other older full siblings who at present show no symptoms. We would love to give Sam a chance but have been told to research into the condition. We have searched the Internet and got information about the disease and feel that although it is life hanging it is not life threatening, we understand that the ratio of contracted "mito" is approximately 1:2500-4000 dependant on where the statistics are collected ie.USA/UK. After reading about "mito" we still would like to show our interest in Sam but as little is known about the illness we are after advice, we understand that testing for "mito" on Sam's half brother is a working diagnosis as previously there was no indication that it was present. We have been told that there is a 50/50 chance Sam may develop "mito" but would like to know that even though the illness is passed from his mothers side would the fact that Sam has a different father than his half brother would it be possible that he doesn't develop "mito" due to the ratio of births being 1:2500-400.
Sorry for the long winded introduction
Many thanks Stevens and Zara

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