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Loss of reflexes and muscle tone

I am new to the forum.  My daughter Delia is suspected of having mito disease.  We are in the process of the testing and hopefully will get the complete diagnosis soon.  They have begun treating her already with the mito cocktail.  I have a quesiton for other parents as I am beginning to just understand the disease.  Delia is starting to lose all of her reflexes and also is having huge decreases in her muscle tone.  Has anyone else come across this at all? 


Thank you


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Eve was diagnosed with Mito and subsequently Leighs Encephalopathy over a period of 18 months. Her biggest concerns at that time were breathing issues, loss of muscle tone and then reflexes. She is totally areflexia now.

I hope you have the professional help you need from Doctors and nursing support.


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Emily is 4 and does not have any  reflexes at an exam and also has low tone, she does vary between good vs bad days.  I hope the mito cocktail helps, we have seen improvement with it :O)  I am new to this group as well and still trying to figure things out as well,


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Hello Sandy, Tina,

I hope your children are doing OK. I just read your post and I would like to share some information with you. Maybe you will be interested in checking the websites below.

Please take a few minutes to review the information in

Basically is the same product, just with different name, but it is the same (PxP = Mitotrol, it just depends on who buys it, but the information is the same for both).

I think it may help your children since it works directly with mitochondria, improving mitochondrial health and repairing it.

Please let me know what you think and if you think it may help your children (I think it may, but you know them better). If you are looking for something that can help them, this is another option.

Rodolfo Trevino