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loss of vaccine immunity and MITO

Hi my son is 4 1/2yrs old. He has Mito, seizures, dysmotility, GERD, hypotonia, and metabolic issues. When he was 3 we did a titer test to see if all of his immunizations had taken. We did this because he had had recurrent upper respitory infections. What we discovered was that the prevnar vaccine had not taken so we had to give him pneumovax. Now 1 1/2yrs later his G and J tube became infected yet again, and this time the culture grew  haemophilus influenza which he should have been protected from by the Hib vaccine. I am just wondering if anybody else has had this expierence of losing vaccine immunity and if so what was done about it? Is anybody on IVIG for similar reasons? He has chronic tube infections.

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I have a 9 y.o w/ mitochondrial disorder. She would get recurrent sinus infections. The Allergist drew a vaccine panel and disocvered that she did NOT have all her immunities to the Prevnar vaccine. We vaccinated her with the Pneumovax and she did respond to it......but first she developed severe cellulitis at the injection site. She is still having recurrent sinus infections and can't seem to fight them off. Does anyone have this issue as well? Is immune dysfunction common?