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Mito Cocktail -researched brands of vitamins for purity

If you have found a great brand of vitamin for the Mito cocktail that is pure, please list name, quantity,price,(weather in U.S or Can, U.K. ect.) and manafacturer to aid others in the time consuming task of searching them all out for quality and price.  Many thanks in advance!

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How do you define pure? I try to order my medications and vitamins from a Compounding Pharmacy (College Pharmacy) on the hope that they can make it without fillers and double check that the base ingredients aren't grown on or with my food allergens. Even then, I wouldn't define them as pure. Just differently put together.
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I am so glad somebody brought up this topic. I have just gotten my son's cocktail done at a compound pharmacy that his doctor told me about. I hear all kinds of people comment on the fact that different brands work for them and others don't work at all. I would love to hear more about what people recommend. I also would like to thank anybody who has information in advance.
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In the mitochondrial and metabolic disorders ( a primary care physicians guide) second edition(2003), they list 2 sources of Co-Q10 that have both proven themselves in clinical trials. They are Vitaline and Tishcon.Thats all the info i have on these two at this time, but i am sure the internet could provide more access to their info. When i say pure, i mean not made with crude or harmful fillers, i suppose.
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there is a brand of coQ-10 that is the only FDA approved form for mitochondrial cytopathies. It's called CytoQ. Insurance covers it for my son and we have it drop shipped to our regular pharmacy. The other vitamins in his cocktail are just regular prescription (except b-2 we get over the counter).

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I get my husband's at GNC (co-Q-10, L-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, etc...) So far they have been working quite well for him. He hasn't had a MELAS stroke in almost 4 years! (fingers crossed)
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We use Cyto Q from solace nutrition (also have it drop shipped to our pharmacy), and brand name Carnitor by prescription also. As for the over-the-counters, I am still at a loss. We have used brands like Orthomolecular and Thorne Research. You have to buy these on-line, but are reputable companies I am always on a search for a brand that has the best bioavailability.
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In Canada, I purchase the 'Inno-Q-Nol' form of CoQ10 from a Canadian company called 'Innovite'. They purport to use the Tischon brand of ubiqinol. Purchase from The Canadian Vitamin Shop in Victoria, BC for cdn $51.48 for 30 soft gels of 200 mg ea. They also have 50mg & 100mg. The brand of Alpha Lipoic Acid I use is from AOR; 150mg, 60 caps for cdn $36.48. They have a slow release (SR) form which means taking it less often.
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Some of the brands I use are: Pure encapsulations-NAC, r-lipoic acid, pure bears(multivitamins for kids) This brand is pretty pure;  A.C.Grace-vit. E RevGenetics-Resveratrol;  Solace nutrition-Cyto Q;  KAL-mag.orotate, l-arginine(powder form);  Twin Labs-Vit. C(powder form);  Source Naturals-melatonin(liquid);  Carnitor-prescription;  Other reputable companies?-Biotics Research, orthomolecular

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Anyone have any comments on Qunol liquid CoQ10 that I just found at costco and comes in 100mg for a teaspoon. It is both fat and water soluable.
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Hi Samantha, who is it put out by? I get my coQ10 from Tishcon corp.We order it on line, not all are the same, is it working for you?I know this works for me.....Good Luck....God Bless... Lori:)
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It is made by Queten research and it uses liposomal CoQ 10, and I just started Samantha on this but was having a hard time finding a pharm that would compound all 3 Vit e-Vit c and CoQ. So I was wondering if other families just do them seperate, because I also found liquid vit e at 400u per ml. Let me know
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hi Samantha, I take my vitamin cocktail and I add the extra coq10 hoping it'll give me the extra help I need. I'm sure it helps, just not to the point of normal (but what's normal) My cocktail does have the Q, but what I add, has a higher bioavilability. Good Luck to you............God Bless........Lori:)
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The only vitamins I take at the moment are the Life extension ones. I am used to be taking them for over 3 years and this is why I don't trust other kind of vitamins. I'm always worried about the side effects they could have.

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Hi JoeAnne. Did you research before taking Life Extension or had you tried any others before? Which of the Life Extensions are you using and find works best?