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Matthew Harty Camper Fund

In honor of Matthew ...

2014 was the year Matthew Harty's parents, Paul and Sarah, were going to send him to Camp Korey in the summer. "We wanted to send Matthew to camp because we wanted him to feel that experience of just being a kid at camp, like everybody else," Paul said. But Matthew never got the chance. Just days after his 8th birthday, Matthew died of mitochondrial disease.

MitoAction renamed its "Send A Kid to Camp" program "The Matthew Harty Camper Fund" in honor of this amazing little boy. "We have a newfound mission in our family and that's to send as many kids with mitochondrial disease as possible to camp because we never know when they're going to get that chance," said Paul, a MitoAction board member for the last seven years.

Managing Mito is difficult for not only the child, but for the parents, as well. "So the opportunity to go to camp and just be a kid and forget about all those issues that you have to deal with on a regular basis is a gift we have to give to kids and parents moving forward," Paul said.

Since it's founding, the Matthew Harty Camper Fund has sent over 325 kids to summer camp!


The Matthew Harty Camp Fund helps ensure kids and families can have an incredible camp experience completely free of charge.