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Welcome to Mito 411

Need Support? You are not alone.


Call us now at 1-888-MITO-411 (648-6411) to connect to a volunteer who can relate to the journey of diagnosis and the challenges of living with mitochondrial disease.  Volunteers are adults with Mito, parents of children with mitochondrial disorders, and caregivers.

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Mito 411 is a program designed to offer hands-on, "live" support for families by families. By choosing a volunteer with experience in a particular area and calling 1-888-MITO-411, callers can reach a volunteer for support and conversation. It is a free service funded and staffed  by MitoAction. It is not, however, intended to provide medical opinions or advice.

Volunteers with Mito 411 are available to share their experiences with other patients, parents, spouses and caregivers of people affected by mitochondrial disease. We believe that a personal connection can really help during the long and often difficult journey associated with "Mito."

MaryBeth Hollinger is the Mito 411 Nurse Coordinator and can be reached at:

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If you are a Mito 411 volunteer, please find our downloadable tools below, PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) files.

Mito 411 Intro letter

Click here for a list of facilities that accept donations of tissue and organs from Mito patients for research.