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Mito camps

MitoAction has created special partnerships with three camps as part of our mission to make summer camp a possibility for every child who suffers from mitochondrial disease.  
This mission is made possible by the generous donors of the Matthew Harty Camper Fund.


Camper stories

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Camp Korey restores Lyla Gordon’s glow

Camp Korey is Lyla Gordon’s safe haven.

“I like being there because I don’t get bullied there, I don’t get talked about there, I don’t get judged there,” said the daughter of Jessica and Jermaine Chapman of Tricities, WA.

Megan Charney not defined by her disease

Mitochondrial disease doesn’t define Megan Charney. That’s something she has learned at summer camp.

“Camp taught me to be confident in myself, to be kind and compassionate,” she said. “Camp taught me that Mito does not define who I am; I define who I am.

“Even if people doubt I can do things, all I need to do is turn around and say, ‘watch me!’”

Dawn Garrigus: ‘Camp makes me feel happy!’

For four days in the summer, Dawn Garrigus is not a sister or daughter with mitochondrial disease. For four days in the summer, Dawn doesn’t have to worry about doctor appointments, therapy, and medications. For four days in the summer, Victory Junction’s summer camp session for Mito kids offers Dawn a respite.

“No matter how hard you try to make their lives less about their illness, their lives are all about their illness,” said Kristy Garrigus, Dawn’s mom. “For those four days, she’s a camper; she plays; she fishes; she does archery; she goes horseback riding.”

First-time campers ready to go back to Double H

Nathaniel and Aidan Higens attended summer camp at Double H Ranch for the first time this summer. They are definitely going back next year!

When their mom, Tina Higens, picked the boys up from the Lake Luzerne, NY, camp, they were already asking to go back next summer.

“They had the most phenomenal time!” said Tina. “That’s what it’s all about.”

Watch how the support of our generous MHCF donors enabled this camper to experience the joys of camp for the first time.   


The Matthew Harty Camp Fund helps ensure these kids and families can have this incredible camp experience completely free of charge.

Click here for a PowerPoint presenttion, "Supporting Kids with Mitochondrial Disease at Camp." Just download the presentation to your computer and open it in PowerPoint. Click the audio icon on each slide to hear the accompanying narrative.


Camp Korey
Carnation, WA

Camp Korey, for children ages 7-16, offers traditional camp activities, such as fishing, dance parties, swimming, horseback riding, and painting. It’s a week of adventure, discovery, trying new things, and personal growth!

2017 Mito session dates: TBD

Click here for the Camp Korey summer camp and application page.

Double H Ranch
Lake Luzerne, NY
Double H Ranch, for children ages 6-16, provides camp experiences -- such as swimming, fishing, science activities, archery -- that are memorable, exciting, fun, and empowering, with a backdrop of the magical Adirondacks. 

2017 Mito session dates: June 22-27, 2017; July 16-21, 2017

Application deadline: Accepted on a rolling basis (first come, first served)

Click here for the Double H Ranch summer camp page.

Victory Junction
Randleman, NC

Victory Junction, for children ages 6-16, offers campers exhilarating, challenging and nurturing fun, allowing them to gain a greater understanding of their own strength and courage while creating lasting friendships and meeting children just like them!

2017 Mito session dates: July 30-Aug. 2, 2017

Application deadline: April 1, 2017

Click here for the Victory Junction summer camp page.