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MitoAction Advocacy Task Force and Advisory Council

In March of 2014, MitoAction announced its intention to create an Advocacy Task Force to address recurrent allegations of Munchausen’s, Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy and Medical Child Abuse in the mitochondrial disease community.  The response to this call to action was overwhelming, and MitoAction selected members based on professional qualifications as well as personal experience. 

The following individuals have served on the Advocacy Task Force:

Maxine Eichner, J.D., Ph.D.

Julie Gortze, R.N.

Annette Hines, J.D.

Michael Kendall

Jeanna Reed, L.P.N.

Jessica Shriver, M.A. Th.

Andrea Smith, M.D. candidate

Mannie Taimuty-Loomis, MA, LBS

MitoAction also saw great value in establishing an Advisory Council of professionals, parents and patients which could be drawn upon for resources, opinions and guidance.  Having an expanded group of individuals present input has allowed the materials contained herein to truly reflect the best practices of the mitochondrial disease community. 

The following individuals have been selected to serve on the ATF Advisory Council:

April Achter, M.P.H.

Alice Adams

Lauri Bammann

Lesley Bennett

Barbara Bruck

Muge Calikoglu, M.D.

Sarah Katz, J.D.

Lisa Kavanaugh, R.N.

Arvind Kothandaraman

Robert Krakow, J.D.

Sandy Marsh

Jacqueline Martin-Sebell

Lynne Myhre, J.D.

Brandi Polatty

Allen Segal, D.O.

Adam Stein, J.D.

Lisa Thompson

Anedra Williams, J.D.

Ann Wolf, M.D.

MitoAction is extraordinarily grateful to all of these volunteers for their passion, commitment and insight regarding this important set of issues.

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