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A Real Life Superhero!

Bryce Derosier "Almighty Brycey" was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease just one week before his 1st birthday. He suffered a 20 hour seizure that started a 4 month battle for his life at Boston Children's Hospital. Daily, he continued to amaze his medical team as a battled through a coma, infections, and ultimately a liver that could not survive his disease. When there were no other options for treatment, his parents decided tot ake him home. On his journey home, Brycey was escorted by hundreds of local police officers who lined the streets to show their love as a testament to the tremendous impact the little, but Almighty Brycey had made. After two weeks at home, Brycey passed peacefully in his parents' arms. Bryce's famly fought along their real life superhero, watching him inspire and serve as a gentle reminder how precious life is. His uplifting spirit and heartwarming smile could brighten even the darkest of days. Bryce had the power to bring out the true kindess in your soul and he is now flying high with his eternal Almighty Brycey cape.

The Nice4Bryce campaign will allow his journey and spirit of kindness to live on, inspiring an entire community!

How Does it Work?

1) Click here to purchase your own MitoAction Nice4Bryce Cape!

2) In honor of our Brycey and his impact on communities across the United States, partake in an act of kindness while wearing your cape. No matter how big or small, let's do good to show we are all in this together.

3) Take a photo of your act of kindness and share in on the Nice4Bryce Facebook page using the hashtags #nice4bryce and #mitoaction .

4) Help us spread awareness by sharing Bryce's story with others who may not know about mitochondrial disease. One by one, we can increase awareness of this rare disease.

5) Get others involved by passing your cape along to others and ask them to join in our Nice4Byrce challenge. The more people we can get involved, the more acts of kindness and the more awareness we can create for mitochondrial disease!

6) Be creative and have FUN!

7) You can follow the journey of the Nice4Bryce capes here!