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Mitochondrial disease in the news ... 

May 20, 2016: Might over Mitochondrial DiseaseTheresa Couture uses CrossFit to rebuild her body after suffering a stroke

Aug. 8, 2015: Acton Pharmacy takes action for mitochondrial disease; sponsors MitoAction New England

August, 2015: This team has big impact on Marshfield, MA, boy (MitoAction Energy Walk & 5K)

April 2015: Rosenthal to rock a Mito bow tie during Red Sox game

 Feb. 2, 2015: MitoAction hosts 4th Mitochondrial Disease Clinical Conference

Feb. 3, 2014: Edison Pharma’s partnership offers hope for Mito community

Fox CT, Jan. 11: West Hartford Girl in Mass. Custody Could Return to Connecticut

WBUR Radio, Jan. 10: Teen in State Custody After Boston Hospital Accuses Parents of Medical Child Abuse

Boston Globe Op-Ed by Cristy Balcells, Jan. 7: Understanding Mito

Boston Globe, Dec. 15, 2013: A medical collision with a child in the middle: Justina has a metabolic disease. Or does she? Her parents and Children’s Hospital deadlocked, she was placed in state custody

Boston Globe, Dec. 16, 2013: Frustration on all fronts in struggle over child’s future: Court works to untangle battle of parents, doctors, and the state

The Blaze, Dec. 4, 2013: A broken system lets the chronically ill slip through the medical maze cracks

Fox CT, Dec. 2, 2014: West Hartford Girl To Remain In Massachusetts State Custody Through Holidays

Fox CT, Nov. 26, 2013: Update: Girl Held At Boston Children’s Hospital, Parents Fight For Custody

The Glenn Beck Show, Nov. 25, 2013: How does a hospital get away with holding a kid against the wishes of the parents?

The Blaze, Nov. 25, 2013: Hospital holding teen against parents’ will accused of having a history of doing it before


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