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The Mitochondrial Disease Action Committee ("MitoAction") is a group of patients, family and friends living with or caring for individuals with mitochondrial disease. We have joined together with top clinicians from Mass General Hospital, Boston Children's Hospital, and Tufts-New England Medical Center to improve the lives of those affected by "Mito." MitoAction is committed to providing relevant and current educational resources and publications for parents, patients, therapists, educators, physicians, and nurses.

In this section you will find...

Support Books

Children's G-tube book-"When Jeremy Jones' Stomach Stopped Working": An illustrated story for children, parents and siblings about g-tubes.

Stories and Advice from Real Patients and Families

Reference guide for health professionals

Mitochondrial Disease Management Guide: A Reference for Pediatricians and Primary Care physicians 

Read MitoAction's Interviews with Health Professionals



Audio podcasts


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