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Restaurant Night

Raise awareness and funds for mitochondrial disease.


Many restaurants offer “charity nights” in which they will donate a percentage of all sales on a specific date to your charity!

Here's how to do it!

1) Visit or call the manager of a local restaurant or one listed below to learn how to set up your event and schedule a date. Ask the manager what you can and cannot do. Ask if you can set up a table with awareness materials. If you are working with a restaurant that has multiple locations, see if you can get all the locations in your area to host one on the same night!

2) Promote your event! The restaurant may have its own flyers, otherwise, MitoAction will supply! Hang flyers everywhere, including grocery stores, churches, doctors offices. Hand them out at school sporting events, festivals/fairs, stores. And, of course, share on social media and through email. MitoAction will also help promote your event.

3) Set up a table with materials that MitoAction sends you.

4) Have a helper hand out flyers to guests as they enter the restaurant on event day. That way, you are spreading awareness to people who have just shown up for a good meal!

5) Eat, have fun, raise awareness about Mito!

For more information or help to get started, email us at