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Mito Roundtable

Let's Talk!

One of our newest programs, our Mito Roundtable was formed in conjunction with The Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine. This is meant to be a friendly space where we can disucss Mito topics in an open forum with no formalities. Just imagine sitting around a table with your friends, coffee or tea in hand - you will quickly learn that you are not alone in this journey! We will use this monthly, 1 hour call to chat, check-in, and share with each other. We want to cover the topics that YOU want to discuss! If you have any ideas for future Roundtable chats, please send them to us at:



Our next Mito Roundtable will be: 

Tuesday, November 13th at 12:00pm EST / 9:00am EST

Call in toll-free (866) 414-2828

Participant code: 017921

Topic: Stress-Free Holidays


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