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Mito Cocktail/Supplements

by GingerD
Join us Friday, April 1, 2016 at Noon (EST)/9 a.m. (PST) as Dr. Amy Goldstein provides an update on the Mitochondrial Medicine Society.Areas of discussion include: Transplantation in Mito patientsStroke protocol for MELASStandards of care for Mito patientsCenters of Excellence and the need for community involvement/input


Mar 28, 2016 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells
What is "the Mito Cocktail"?Referring to the combination of vitamins and supplements used as therapies in the treatment and management of mitochondrial disease and mitochondrial dysfunction, the "Mito Cocktail" is unique to every patient.
Sep 02, 2015 Comments: 0
by Christine Cox

On Monday, July 20, 2015, MitoAction submitted a comment to the FDA on its proposed Memorandum of Understanding concerning the distribution of products from compounding pharmacies.  The proposed Memorandum of Understanding would substantially limit the ability of compounding pharmacies to distribute compounded prescriptions across state lines.  Since many Mito families rely upon high-quality compounding pharmacies that often are located in states other than their own for preparation of the Mito cocktail and other supplements, the proposed Memorandum of Understanding would have a s

Jul 22, 2015 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells
Mito Cocktail Financial Assistance author: Heidi Martin-Coleman, "Cut the Red Tape" advocate
Dec 06, 2010 Comments: 2
by Cristy Balcells
Apr 14, 2010 Comments: 4
by Cristy Balcells
What is a compounding pharmacist?How do ingredients in the Mito cocktail different from a compounding pharmacist than an over-the-counter source?What are the side effects of the vitamins & supplements used to support adults and children with mitochondrial disease?Which vitamins and supplements are most commonly included in a treatment regimen?

Download the "Mito Cocktail" brochure (printable pdf) here

Mar 02, 2010 Comments: 1
by Cristy Balcells
An update on mitochondrial disease treatment options (click title for article pdf), with Dr. Irina Anselm from Children's Hospital BostonClick here to listen to the recording of this meeting (online or in iTunes)
Oct 19, 2009 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells
Solace Nutrition & Medical Foods joined MitoAction on July 10th, 2009 to discuss: What are medical foods, and how are they regulated? What is the difference between medical foods, supplements & drugs? How do medical foods interact with the electron transport chain in the mitochondria? (Click to see the video) How do medical foods like coenzyme q10, c
Jul 02, 2009 Comments: 4
by Cristy Balcells

This month MitoAction welcomed Dr. Fran Kendall of Emory University's Department of Human Genetics mitochondrial program to discuss the dosing debate around CoQ10 and creatine.

Listen to the audio recording of the meeting here (right click or save as to download)

Aug 07, 2008 Comments: 0
by admin

During the last MitoAction monthly teleconference on Friday, March 7, 2008, Saad Dinno, RPh, a compounding pharmacist at Acton Pharmacy and Dr. Virginia Tawa, PharmD, discussed the ingredients which make up the mysterious "Mito Cocktail."

Mar 10, 2008 Comments: 2


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