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Travel Resources for Medical Appointments

"We have to fly to get to our Mito doctor appointment - help!"

If you are going to a medical appointment in another state, these are some resources that may be helpful regarding air travel. Some offer significant discounts or free travel.

ANGEL FLIGHT 978-794-6868

OPERATION LIFT OFF - Need 7 to 10 days notice - (888) 354-5757

MIRACLE FLIGHT FOR KIDS - Need 15 days notice - (800) 359-1711


AMR AIR AMBULANCE - (800) 424-7060

NATIONAL TICKET HELP - (800) 325-8908

Also, for lodging, Ronald McDonald House has houses in many cities that can be used for children up to ages 18-21.

For more information about flying by air with Mito, see "Traveling with Mito".