A Renewed Commitment & A Fresh Look for MitoAction

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Once in a while, you get a great opportunity.

Today, we are really excited to show off our new logo and take you on a tour of MitoAction’s history.

2005 MitoAction Logo

In 2005, MitoAction was born from a mother’s desire to ensure that no parent or patient find themselves alone while navigating the journey of living with mitochondrial disease. Theresa’s wish fueled the collaboration of parents & clinicians from the Boston area who believed that patients dealing with the everyday challenges of mitochondrial disease needed active support and advocacy. Literally fueled by passionate volunteers, MitoAction established it’s mission, a small website, and a core board of directors that included parents, spouses, patients and clinicians involved with mitochondrial disease.

2007 MitoAction Logo

In 2007, MitoAction began to grow roots. The need for practical resources that MitoAction had begun to offer led to Cristy Balcells’ role of executive director, expansion of the Board and medical advisory committee, and a strong web presence. Mike Mooney, a graphic designer whose sister suffers from Mito, created a new logo that helped spur a national green ribbon Mito awareness campaign. MitoAction began to erase geographic boundaries in its outreach to Mito patients and families. Plans for sustainable support, education and outreach programs were set into motion.

2009 MitoAction Logo

By 2009, MitoAction had grown from a cluster of 180 patients in the New England area to over 3000 families from all over the world. By embracing technology and staying very focused on the mission of support, education and advocacy that will help people affected by Mito today, MitoAction’s impact is global. Today, MitoAction’s website supports thousands of people each month. New information is added weekly. Hundreds participate in the online forum. Thousands follow the blog and listen to the podcasts in iTunes. Volunteers connect with new patients and parents seeking support through the Mito 411 hotline. The online clinician’s guide and advocacy DVD’s literally change the lives of the people who use them.

While the look has evolved, the message is the same – help families with mitochondrial disease now. Focus on the patient. Share resources. Erase boundaries. Encourage collaboration. Raise awareness.

Make today a good day.

The man behind the logo

David Ekizian brings expertise & experience from work with great companies such as LL Bean, Levi’s, & In the Pink. His offer to help MitoAction’s look evolve was an incredible gift. David says, “The greatest reward as a graphic designer is to be able to use my talents to help organizations like MitoAction elevate their presence through visual communications, and bring new awareness to their cause. I am honored to have this opportunity, and to lend my support in the memory of Sandra Russell and all the families living with Mitochondrial disease.” The new design pays tribute to the green awareness ribbon but creates a universal symbol of energy and support by inverting the ribbon and using a simple design. MitoAction’s vision is to raise awareness about mitochondrial disease and to offer free support and practical resources to every patient, caregiver, clinician & family member dealing with the challenges of Mito.