Brianna’s Story

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Brianna Couture
You may hear Brianna singing in local musicals or see her teach Tai Kwon Do to children. You may notice her lovely voice and her smile. You may notice the blackbelt that she wears at Tai Kwon Do. But you probably won’t notice mitochondrial disease. Brianna was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease as an infant but has not let it get in the way of her dreams.

“If you want to do something, figure out how you can do it. My mom rarely says no to something I am passionate about. Instead, she says ‘okay… how can we make this work?!’ That is the attitude you need to have!” says Brianna. And it’s working! Brianna controls her schedule which helps her conserve her energy. Each day, she decides how she is going to spend her energy. Prior to demanding activities like plays and musicals, she pre-treats herself with IV’s, drinks fluids and eats well. Although it is hard as a teenager to always have to be thinking and planning, Brianna recognizes “if I don’t plan, I don’t have a life… and I want a life!”

Brianna struggles with the fatigue, muscle pain, heart rate and blood pressure fluctuation, thinking ‘brown-outs’ caused by mitochondrial disease but she has learned to listen to her body and her dreams. She no longer gets nervous on stage, because, as she says, “hey, when you are fighting a disease like mito, not much can intimidate you!” Brianna is a teacher, a singer, an actor, a teenager with dreams of college and singing on Broadway and, yes, she also has mitochondrial disease.

Brianna has put together a video I am Brianna Couture which is available for viewing on YouTube.

I’m brianna couture

about my life …. I hope this helps other who might be walking a similar path be sure your volume is on (http://www.current.tv/watch/13629055)