Become a Music Star with MitoAction & Hear Your Song!

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Have you ever dreamed of being a music star?  Now is your chance!!
MitoAction is partnering with Hear Your Song to allow our mito kids and teens (ages 6-18) to write and record their own song — no prior musical experience required! All you need is an idea! You can write a song about your family and friends, things you love, struggles you may face – anything you want to use music to share!
Sign-up today for your songwriting session!
During each 90-minute sessions and with the support of Hear Your Song volunteers, each participant will write their own song lyrics and brainstorm the musical style, instrumentation, tempo, mood and melody to go with it.
Once your song is complete, it will be professionally recorded by the Hear Your Song team!
MitoAction is excited to hear your final song and we look forward to sharing videos showcasing your talent with our community throughout 2021!!
To get started, click here to complete the information form and a Hear Your Song volunteer will be in touch within 48 hours to schedule your songwriting session!