Share Your Ideas

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We Need Your Help to Meet our Mission!

Have you been thinking about what you would do to improve the lives of families living with mitochondrial disease, if only you had the support you need? Well, NOW YOU DO!

MitoAction is always looking for fresh new ideas that can be developed and used by our organization. If you think you have an idea, we would like to hear from you. To submit an idea, please fill out the form below!

We are looking for projects that are specific to our mission, but you are free and encouraged to be creative in thinking of ways to do this. Some ideas to get you started:

  • New venues or strategies for raising awareness in the public, in the health community, in the education community.
  • Programs to teach patients and families strategies for coping with the many aspects of mitochondrial disease from day to day (medical, social, educational, practical, spiritual…).
  • Programs to help individuals and families network with one another.
  • New and creative ideas for fundraising.
  • New ideas for documents, videos, literature to be produced.
  • Ideas for speakers, workshops, or events.

We look forward to reviewing your idea!