Marcel’s Way

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The Marcel’s Way Family Fund is a program that offers a helping hand in the way of direct financial support to those suffering from mitochondrial disease.

How it All Began

Marcel’s Way was founded in 2003 by a group of “Mito Mothers” who came together because they saw that families needed information, education, and support to live as normal a life as possible with their newly diagnosed children suffering from mitochondrial disorders. In 2005, Marcel’s Way launched the Marcel’s Way Family Fund to help families cover the extra expenses they faced to care for their children. Grants were made to assist with the high cost of medications, services, and medical equipment.  In 2011, MitoAction agreed to carry on the legacy of the Marcel’s Way Family Fund by offering a grants-based family assistance program.

Why is a Family-Assistance Program Important for Someone Diagnosed with Mito?

Due to the complexity of the disease, no standards of care exist today for children and adults who have mitochondrial disease. As a result, many things (wheelchairs, medicines, diagnostic tests, etc.) that would be 100% covered by insurance or other resource programs for other diseases are not always covered for our mito families.

It is MitoAction’s vision that this program fund will grow so that we can offer support to every family with mitochondrial disease who ever faces an overwhelming need, thus making one part of their difficult journey a little easier.