Add Health Files to Your Daily Journal

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Do you have a paper binder with your past health history? Now you can transfer that paper binder of personal health information (PHI) files to your MitoAction Daily Journal that goes with you everywhere.

IMPORTANT: To add files, you will have to log in to the MitoAction Mobile website from your computer.


Add Health Files to Your Daily Journal

From Your Computer:

1. Go to https://www.care3.co/mitoaction and click the Login button in the upper right corner. On the next

screen, log in using your MitoAction Mobile powered by Karen credentials (email and password).

2. Click (select) your Daily Journal.



3. To add a file, select it from your computer’s directory and drag and drop it directly into the Journal space. The “drag and drop” icons will appear. Simply release your mouse button and the file will be added.




4. In the dialog box that appears, write a description of the file. Adding a description makes it easy to search and find later.





That’s it! Check out your files (images, pdfs, video, etc.) in your Daily Journal (below, Karen logo and Care Manager images).


Repeat these steps for every item you want to have with you everywhere you go.





NOTE: Make sure you download the MitoAction Mobile app (iOS and Android) so you can access your personal health information anywhere, anytime.


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In your Daily Journal, you can also:

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  • share and revoke access to anyone

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