Add Media to Your Daily Journal

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Here’s how you can access and add media to your Daily Journal (or PHI Digital Binder) from the MitoAction Mobile App.


Add Media to Your Daily Journal

From Your Mobile Phone (iOS or Android):

To get started, tap into your Daily Journal or “PHI” digital binder or the one you created for your Loved One.



1 .  Tap the “+” button in the lower left corner to show the media menu.



2.  Tap the camera icon to add a photo or take a new photo. Tap “Choose Existing” to select an image from your Camera Roll or “Capture Image” to take a new picture.



3. Once you’ve added or taken the image, it appears in the message box. Type a description of the image. Use keywords like “labs” that will make it easy to search for the image later when you need it. Tap the “send” button (airplane).



4.   View your item in your Daily Journal or PHI Conversation. The image is saved on our HIPAA-compliant cloud server.