Get Started! Your Mito Daily Journal

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Let’s get started by getting acquainted with your (or your loved one’s) Mito Daily Journal. Your Mito Daily Journal is a space where you can own, store, generate, access, and share personal health information and experience with mito.


Tracking Symptoms and Vitals

With your Daily Journal, you get reminders to track common symptoms and vitals. Each symptom and vital looks like the image below when it comes into the MitoAction Mobile App.


1. To track a symptom severity, tap “Enter Value”.


2. Scroll to select None, Mild, Moderate, or Severe. Tap “Done”.


You are now returned to your Daily Journal area and can see the symptom severity you entered.


3. Tap “View Chart” to see a real-time graph of your entry. Each day you will be adding to this chart when you add your symptom severity.


Tracking Vitals

1. To track a vital, tap “Enter Value” and enter the numerical value of the vital in the box that appears.

2. Tap “Done” to return to the Daily Journal.

3. Tap “View Chart” to see your graph of vital entries.

This is the same process as for a symptom.



With your Daily Journal you will get:

  • automated reminders for common symptoms and vitals to track each day
  • immediate real-time charts of your experience with mito so you can make decisions


In your Daily Journal, you can also:

  • add health history files like labs, and other test results
  • report unexpected events to make sure you mention them at your doctor visits
  • share and revoke access to anyone
  • customize your Daily Journal by adding more symptoms and vitals to track each day
  • add media (photos, video, audio) to give more context