Start a New Text Messaging Conversation with Family or Doctors

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Texting has become the main way people connect using mobile devices. It’s quick, not as intrusive as a phone call, and shorter form than email. People typically respond faster to texts than other forms of communication as well. More importantly, when having text messaging conversations about your healthcare with family or doctors, you want to be absolutely sure that conversation is private, secure, and confidential. iMessage, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are popular, but NONE meet government security standards for healthcare text conversations. MitoAction Mobile powered by Care3 not only meets these standards, but exceeds them for secure for healthcare conversations.

To start a text messaging conversation on MitoAction Mobile simply follow these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, press the “Chat” icon in the lower right to start a new conversation.

  2. By tapping the “+” button to Add to chat Journal Group, you will invite any person(s) via email address, phone number, or choose from your Contacts.

  3. Enter your Chat Journal Title (adding a Group Image is optional).

  4. Tap “done” in the upper right corner. Your invitation will be sent and the chat journal started.

You’re all set! Simply send a text message to start the health chat. Feel confident that your health chat is private, confidential, and secure on MitoAction Mobile.

This QuickStart Guide shows you how to Invite your Doctor, Family and Friends by starting a new text messaging Conversation on the MitoAction Mobile app powered by Care3.