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School Advocacy

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Children with mito CAN attend school with supportive tools that can help a student maintain health and energy throughout the day.  Teachers, parents and students, with the guidance of the child’s physician, need to work together as a team to promote the best learning experience possible.

MitoAction is thrilled to offer resources such as the Energy 4 Education video, as a means to help parents, students and educators understand and convey the many variabilities and complexities of educating a child with mitochondrial disease.  Educators will truly appreciate the insights shared by students, families and other teachers who have established strong relationships while working together to make all educational possibilities probabilities!

MitoAction also offers Sample IEP’s and other templates, symptom checklists, healthcare planes, etc., which may help you as a parent advocate for your child’s needs in their academic environment.  Another very useful tool is our MitoAction Mobile App that will allow every member of your child’s care team, including teachers, school nurses or counselors, to participate in a coordinated care environment and share meaningful information and updates about your child right from their phone.As always, these are suggestions and options that can aid parents and teachers in understanding that children with mitochondrial disease do attend school, do suffer from extended absences, and can have accommodated schedules,.  However, if everyone is communicating and working together, this enables our mito students to have successful school experiences with proper supports, accommodations and modifications throughout their academic careers.