Paul Harty


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Paul Harty is the Chief Solutions Officer of Sevenstep RPO, a Motion Recruitment Partners company. Sevenstep is a leading provider of large-scale hiring solutions, using a unique team-based model of RPO services delivery. Paul is responsible for the companies strategic solutions suite of services and leads the innovation team that drives new technology approaches to solve clients most urgent talent recruiting and talent management strategies. Prior to joining Sevenstep, Paul spent 15 years building and managing a successful technology recruiting and placement businesses.

He lives in the Boston area with his wife and children. His son, Matthew, died of Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Deficiency at the age of 8. While searching for answers for his son’s disabilities and managing through a long diagnosis process, Paul discovered MitoAction as a strong support system and a way to gain knowledge about Mito. Paul became an active member to guarantee that other caregivers or patients who are faced with Mito have access to continued support and knowledge that is so necessary when dealing with rare disease.