Frankie Gordie Kirkby

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Mitochondrial Depletion Disease


Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea

Swim so wild & he swim so free

Heaven above, sea below & a

little white whale on the go




remember Grama used to bounce you

when she said BOOP BOOP & you would



I miss you so very much and love you

forever and always my little



We love you, Frankie! Mommy and Daddy

To our sweet nephew who we know is always looking down and out for us – we miss you like crazy, not a day goes by where we don’t think about you.Today we light a light for you but it’s you who has lit up our lives and shown us how beautiful life is – never again will we take anything for granted.We love you baby boy – If we had a single flower for every time we think about you, we could walk forever in your garden.

 To our beautiful sister and brother – you have shown us what strength means and we will always look up to you for your courage, patience, love, and honor.We hope to one day be as great as parents as you are – it’s been a journey we never thought we would be on, but growth in love comes from a place of absence,where the imagination is left to its own devices and creates you to be much more than reality would ever allow.“When you love someone – you’ll do anything”

 We love you guys – Auntie Margaret & Uncle Shawn

Frankie, you have touched my heart & soul forever and always.  You taught so many life lessons to everyone in such a short time and always brought out the good in people. You made everyone so happy and as you know you were blessed to have the BEST mommy and daddy in the whole universe.