Soozi Scheller

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Since 2019, Soozi has been doing Program Support for MitoAction through patient advocacy and research.  She has also taken on the role of MitoSocial Moderator since MitoSocials become virtual.   Soozi is a graduate of UC Berkeley in Conservation and Resource Studies. First a botanist, then a special education teacher, Soozi decided to earn a master’s to better support children with disabilities. She also trained as a practitioner in the medical model for natural family planning. She found MitoAction in 2012 when she started having pronounced mito symptoms and called Mito 411 for help. Soozi is a Biotechnology/Ethics graduate student now at John Paul II Institute in Washington, D.C. and she specializes in mother-child health studying recent breakthroughs in understanding the woman’s cycle in order to understand women’s health which includes mitochondria. Soozi has three children, one lost to a miscarriage. Service dogs have played a positive role in her family.

“My mother had mitochondrial-disease-like symptoms before they were recognizable. She was very disabled by them. I am so grateful to have found MitoAction when I needed help. I am happy to offer support especially when people feel isolated, baffled, or defeated by the disease. We are here to accompany you in your journey, however unique it may be.”

Contact Soozi at soozi@mitoaction.org