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Education Overview


This area of our site is dedicated to helping families, teachers and schools navigate the complex world of mitochondrial disease. Because the symptoms of "Mito" are so varied and each child is uniquely affected, working with children affected by mitochondrial disease can be especially challenging. Use the Menu to the left to explore in-depth resources and tools written especially for kids with Mito.

Children with "Mito" can attend school... with the supportive tools that can help a student maintain health and energy throughout the day. Teachers, parents and students, with the guidance of the child's physician, need to work together as a team to promote the best learning experience possible.

See the presentation on Education for Children with Complex Medical Conditions.

MitoAction is thrilled to offer the "Energy 4 Education Video" as a means to help parents, students and educators understand and convey the many variabilties and complexities of educating a child with Mitochondrial Disease.   Educators will truly appreciate the insights shared by students, families and other teachers who have established strong relationships while working together to make all educational possibilites probabilities!

MitoAction also offers "Sample IEP's and Letters" , along with templates, symptom checklists, healthcare plans, etc., which may help you as a parent advocate for your child's needs in their academic environment.  For explanations about the law and suggested approaches to every age child, see the menu in blue on the left.

Create an "All About Me" book for your child and share it with his teachers using this template: Click here for the Word version; click here for a pdf version. 

Read about a teacher's quest to discourage his students from mindlessly reciting information.

As always these are just suggestions, options, and alternatives that can aid parents and teachers in understanding that children with Mitochondrial Disease do attend school, do suffer from extended absences, and can have accommodated schedules, which inevitably enable our "Mito" students to have successful school experiences with the proper supports, accommodations and modifications throughout their academic careers.

Continuing education credits available through the Northeastern University's School Health Institute. Listen and follow Cristy Balcells' presentation to school nurses about supporting kids with Mito in school: