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Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week

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During the third week of September (Sept. 18 – Sept. 24, 2022), the global mitochondrial disease community will come together to raise awareness for the annual World Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week.

Thousands of families face the reality of living with mitochondrial disease. During Awareness Week, MitoAction and mito families from across the globe do their part to educate others about this rare disease.

We believe that awareness is important year-round, but highlighting these issues during Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week provides a time for people to come together and display the passion and strength of those working to improve the lives of individuals and their families affected by mito

There are many ways to get involved during Awareness Week.  Check out our resource guide and toolkit below to give you ideas.

To get involved in Awareness Week, email info@mitoaction.org.

Share with us on Facebook the ways in which you are spreading awareness!