Blood Tests for Mitochondrial Disease Diagnosis

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As a follow-up discussion to Dr. Fran Kendall’s presentation on “Muscle Biopsy Testing for Mitochondrial Disease”, MitoAction welcomes Dr. Steve Sommer of MEDomics to discuss testing for mitochondrial disease using a blood sample.

About MEDomics

After 23 years in academia, Dr. Steve Sommer started MEDomics in order to apply a revolutionary technology called “NextGen sequencing” to clinical mitochondrial medicine. (www.medomics.com)

MEDomics sequences the entire mitochondrial DNA genome thousands of times.  That sometimes allows the diagnosis of mitochondrial disease to be made with a blood sample rather than with painful muscle biopsies.  MitoDx is a test of unprecedented power for diagnosing mitochondrial genome disease, which is roughly “half the elephant” of mitochondrial disease.

Date: 09/16/2010
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