2013 Mito Town Meeting

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Join us for the annual “Mito Town Meeting,”

The annual town meeting is our way of kicking off the new year by sharing all that is planned for the year. We’ll hear from volunteers and representatives from a variety of programs and organizations. This is the meeting to attend if you want to get involved or get informed!

2013 MitoAction Town Meeting AGENDA

12:00-12:05 Welcome, Cristy Balcells, Director

12:05-12:10 Importance of Community, Phillip Borden, President

12:10-12:15 Camp Korey Mito Weeks, Cora Weed, Camp Korey

12:15-12:25 Events (Derby Day, Walks, Awareness Events, Genes for Jeans), Susan Stover, Events Director

12:25-12:30 EPI-743 Clinical Trial, Dr. Guy Miller, Edison Pharma

12:30-12:35 Memories Group, Maggie Orr, Medical Advisory Board

12:35-12:40 Marcel’s Way, Mary Summers, Federation for CSN

12:40-12:45 Mito 411, MaryBeth Hollinger, Volunteer

12:45-12:50 Thrive RX iThrive webinars, Melissa Pariseau RN, Thrive RX

12:50-12:55 Mito Socials; Mito Marketplace, Ginger DeShaney, Support Coordinator

12:55-1:00 UMDF Conference 2013, Cliff Gorski, UMDF

1:00-1:05 Stay in Bed Day, Vicky Spadoni, MitoCanada

1:05-1:10 CureMito Marathon, Claudia Boles, CureMito.org

1:10-1:15 Volunteer opportunities, Cristy Balcells, Director

1:15-1:30 Additional announcements and questions – all are welcome.

Date: 01/04/2019
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