Hearing Loss in Mitochondrial Disease

Understanding the mechanisms of mitochondrial deafness

Join us this month with Dr. Peter Kullar, Clinical Research Fellow at the Wellcome Trust Research Centre for Mitochondrial Disease at Newcastle University (UK) to learn about mitochondrial disease and hearing loss. Key topics include:

  • Mechanisms of hearing and hearing loss
  • Clinical profile, workup and diagnosis of a new patient
  • Treatments and new directions for therapies
  • Research studies for patients with mitochondrial disease related hearing loss

Dr. Kullar and Dr. Chinnery have a specific interest in the A1555G mutation (antibiotic associated deafness) and in causes of mitochondrial disease related deafness.

Learn more at http://www.newcastle-mitochondria.com/research-projects/understanding-mechanisms-mitochondrial-deafness/

About the Speaker

Dr. Peter Kullar is a clinical research fellow at Newcastle University’s Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Disease Research.

Date: 04/04/2014
Speaker: Dr. Peter Kullar
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