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Coronavirus: Recommendations for Patients & Families

Last Updated: March 23, 2o2o

MitoAction is working diligently to keep our community safe and connected with vital updates related to the COVID-19 global outbreak.  We will continue to share recommendations from the CDC, NIH and other reputable sources to help you and your family remain safe and protected.

We will consistently monitor new information and update our website on a daily basis, as it pertains to the safety of our community.   The most IMPORTANT thing we all can do is to abide by community-wide social distancing. This seems to be the most effective at reducing the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Here are a number of vetted websites that have accurate and current information:

We at MitoAction are getting many questions about ongoing care and how to maintain some sense of normalcy. As we are not giving medical advice, if you are experiencing any symptoms or have medical concerns, please CALL YOUR PRIMARY DOCTOR FIRST, BEFORE GOING TO THE OFFICE. Be prepared to have telemedicine appointments and flexibility in your schedule.

Recommended Ways to Keep You and Your Family Safe:
  • If you MUST leave your home, please remember not to touch your face and to wash your hands when returning home and before any physical contact with any person or surface.  If you live in a colder climate, please leave your OUTER CLOTHING at the door, and remove your shoes.  Using soap and hot water for 20 seconds is the most effective way to clean your hands and surfaces.  Utilize hand sanitizer when soap washing is not an option.
  • If you do go out, maintain a safe distance from others (6ft).  Avoid handshakes (use fist bumps, elbow bumps, etc.). Open doors with a closed fist or your hip – do not grasp the handle with your hand, unless there is no other way to open the door. Especially important on public restroom and other public doors.
  • Contact your physician to see if you can transition any upcoming appointments to a virtual appointment.  Some appointments will be medically necessary in person, but where possible, a telehealth appointment will help limit your exposure to others.
  • For Mito patients it is critical at all times to stay well hydrated.  While you are staying home, maintain your fluid intake.  Staying in your routine is the best way to keep your body and mind in shape.
  • Nutrition is also key for our community!  Eat healthy.  We all have our quarantine snacks, but try to resist the temptation to indulge before a healthy choice.
  • Try to fill your prescriptions for 3 months or more so that you have enough medications to last you for a while.
  • Again, stay in your routine:  Wake up at the usual time, and go to bed at your usual time.  If you are anxious or bored, try doing a new activity like coloring, playing physical board games, reading, teaching your pet a trick, cleaning.  If you need ideas, hop over to the MitoAction Facebook Page. We have people posting daily what they are doing to stay healthy and keep their families entertained.
  • Stay connected.  Being self quarantined or practicing social distancing for extended periods of time can create feelings of loneliness and anxiety.  Reach out to family members and friends via phone, FaceTime or video chat so you don’t feel disconnected from others.  Also, join MitoAction for our weekly support calls on Fridays at 12:00 pm EST or reach out to our volunteers at 888-MITO-411.  We are here for you.

As always, these are recommendations only.  Please connect with your medical team if you have vital concerns about your health or you are experiencing unusual symptoms.

Joining us on our weekly support calls is a phenomenal way to connect with others and be reassured you aren’t alone during this.  We know that being indoors for extended periods of time can be isolating and lonely, and we want to ensure that MitoAction continues to provide ways to keep our community connected and engaged with one another.  For more details about our weekly support calls visit or call our Mito411 Support Line at 888-MITO-411.