Mito Supplement Therapy

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What is “the Mito Cocktail”?

Referring to the combination of vitamins and supplements used as therapies in the treatment and management of mitochondrial disease and mitochondrial dysfunction, the “Mito Cocktail” is unique to every patient. Join us with compounding pharmacist Ted Toufas PharmD RPh from Acton Pharmacy to learn more.

  • Understand what supplements are most commonly used as mitochondrial disease therapies?
  • Learn why certain supplements and co-factors help children and adults with mitochondrial disease or dysfunction
  • Explore the biochemistry of various supplements and how they work in the body and in energy metabolism
  • Discuss compounding and understand how compounding is used in mitochondrial disease therapy

About The Speaker:

Ted Toufas is a Clinical Pharmacist and Director of Education who has a Bachelor’s of Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Biochemistry & Genetics, and a Doctorate of Pharmacy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy.  He has a passion for learning and imparting information to patients and colleagues.  His role as Director of Education has him working with staff members and prescribers to develop better therapies and outcomes for patients.  He will be developing a series of informational seminars for patients and providers in the local area.  While he works closely with physicians and patients assessing medications and new therapies, he plays an important role in the Compounding Lab with formulation development and Quality Assurance.  He has been at Acton Pharmacy in one capacity or another since 2005, and strives for a continuous improvement in the quality of healthcare for our patients.

Date: 09/10/2015
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