Overwhelmed No More – Tips for Enjoying the Holidays!

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This time of year, we look forward to the joy, excitement, and fun of the holiday season: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and the New Year are all occasions to rejoice and celebrate with family and friends.

But if you’re like most adult patients or families of children with mitochondrial disease, the holidays can get complicated – or even overwhelming. With the holidays comes more than the usual amount of juggling, multitasking, planning, making, going, doing … the to-do list grows fast, and it seems to get longer every year. For many Mito patients, caregivers and families, the expectations of others add extraordinary stress during this season.

For adult patients, spouses, and parents of children with Mito, being maxed out on both time and energy is already your normal state. Add on all the things we do  – or want to do- during the holidays, and you’ve got a recipe for overload.

This month, MitoAction invited author and special guest Joan Celebi as she shares with us some ways to not just “survive” the holidays this year — but be invigorated, refreshed, and renewed by them.

About the Speaker:

Joan Celebi is a certified life coach and special needs mom, and the author of Overwhelmed No More! The Complete System for Balanced Living for Parents of Children with Special Needs.Through internationally acclaimed tele-workshops and tele-coaching programs, Joan helps parents successfully navigate life with a child with special needs. Joan holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Harvard University. 

Date: 12/04/2009
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