Stealth BT Mitochondrial Myopathy Trial

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Join us with Stealth BioTherapeutics CEO Travis Wilson and others from the Stealth BT team for a live update from Stealth BT (click here to check out their website), information about Bendavia, and details about StealthBioTherapeutics’ 2015 mitochondrial myopathy clinical trial.

A Q&A opportunity is included in this important discussion. Parents, patients and families – please join us!

This special teleconference/webinar is offered in collaboration by the UMDF and MitoAction.

For more information about the Stealth Mitochondrial Myopathy Trial, please call the trial question hotline  1-877-227-5018

Or visit  (search Bendavia)

Trial Question Hot Line: 1-877-227-5018

Date: 02/18/2015
Speaker: Travis Wilson
Listen Now: Click Here

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