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Need Support? You are not alone.

Mito411 offers live, one to one support, education, advocacy, and a direct connection with someone who understands. Mito411 volunteers speak with callers needing support and share similar experiences on how to live day to day with mito. The personal connection can really help during the long and often difficult journey associated with “Mito.” This free program is funded by MitoAction and is not intended to provide medical advice.

Call us now at 1-888-MITO-411 (648-6411) to connect with a volunteer who can relate to the journey of diagnosis and the challenges of living with mitochondrial disease. Volunteers are adults with mito, parents of children with mitochondrial disorders, and caregivers. Although volunteers can speak from personal experience and have access to many resources and educational material, medical advice cannot be offered.

Call Mito411 at 1-888-MITO-411 and know that you are never alone on your journey with mitochondrial disease.

You can also email our volunteers at mito411@mitoaction.org

Want to Support Others?  Volunteer for Mito411.

For more information on becoming a Mito411 volunteer, email us today at mito411@mitoaction.org