Positive Peach Packages

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“I hope that the items in these care packages positively inspire you and that you use that inspiration to positively impact each person you meet.  Have a positive life powered by Peach. Spreading this positivity to the people in the mito community means everything to me.  Creating a positive impression on just one person can change a life and make a lasting impact.”

MitoAction is thrilled to sponsor Mito Warrior Jenevieve Woods, aka Peach, as she brings the mito community Positive Peach Packages!

The Mission

To positively impact others and be a positive light in the lives of those affected by mitochondrial disease.  Through Positive Peach Packages, Jenevieve wants to be a positive touchstone for her community.  It is her wish that the recipients of these care packages are reminded that there is a positive person that cares about how they are feeling, both physically and mentally.  She wants everyone in the mito community to know they are not alone!

Positive Peach’s Mantra

Positivity.  Impact.  Inspire.

Leaving positive imprints on every person – from the cashier at the grocery store, to her best friends is how Jenevieve lives her life.  Being a positive person is the difference between having strength to get up in the morning and staying in bed wallowing in toxic feelings.  Using the power of positivity as a tool to persevere through the hard times makes fighting a rare disease that much easier.


Positively impacting others can inspire them in mesmerizing ways.  Inspirational chains of events can invoke other positive actions.  A powerful enterprise can start with one person and a single idea that can impact so many individuals.

If you know someone who could benefit from a Positive Peach Package, please let us know!

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