Cannabis Oil to Treat Mitochondrial Disease

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  • What is the historical use of marijuana for medical purposes?
  • Are there legalities associated with medical marijuana use?
  • When is medical cannabis a potential therapeutic option for patients with mitochondrial disease?
  • Are there guidelines on dosing and use?
  • Is it true that medical cannabis is for pain and seizures only?
  • Is marijuana addictive, even when used for medical purposes?
  • Have there ever been safety studies published about use of marijuana for medical purposes?

Join us  with Dr. Fran Kendall to get the answers to these questions and more regarding the use of medical marijuana (cannabis oil) for treatment in mitochondrial disease patients.

Georgia just signed into law the use of cannabis oil for a number of diseases, including mitochondrial disease. Several Mito families in Georgia advocated on behalf of this legislation. While 35 other states have passed similar legislation, Georgia is the first state to include mitochondrial disease in the list of disorders to be treated.

Dr. Kendall will touch on historical perspective, mechanisms of action, dosing, safety and outcome data.

About the Speaker

Dr. Kendall trained and served on the staff at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School for a number of years. She was the previous 50% owner of a successful genetic laboratory/healthcare provider (Horizon Molecular Medicine), and has extensive experience in the diagnosis and management of children with a wide array of metabolic disorders. She brings this vast experience to her private practice, VMP, LCC, as president and founder. Dr. Kendall is a well respected pediatrician as well as biochemical geneticist, and she has authored numerous research articles on rare diseases ranging from Nieman Pick Type C and mitochondrial disease. As one of the few clinical mitochondrial disease experts, she has a long-term interest in research and clinical aspects of rare metabolic diseases.

Date: 05/17/2015
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