Diet, Dysmotility, and Tube Feeding

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Many children and adults with mitochondrial disease experience significant gastrointestinal or digestive issues as part of their daily disease challenges. When considering the pros and cons of a feeding tube and struggling to identify the best diet for dysmotility, many parents, patients and families are confused by all of the possibilities. On December 4th, 2015, Thrive RX Clinical Specialist Kristen R. Roberts PhD RD shares about diet, dysmotility and tube feeding.

Topics for this presentation include:

  1. What are the benefits of nutrition support for someone with dysmotility?
  2. What type of assessment is needed in order to determine if a feeding tube (and enteral nutrition, or tube feeding) is right for me/my child?
  3. What strategies can help improve overall tolerance to diet and enteral nutrition in a person with mitochondrial disease and dysmotility?
  4. What are some examples of specific situations when enteral nutrition should be considered?
  5. This presentation is appropriate for adult patients, parents of affected children, caregivers, family members and healthcare providers.

About the Speaker

Kristen Roberts is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and a Registered Dietitian specializing in gastrointestinal nutrition, intestinal failure and home nutrition support.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Dietetics at Bowling Green State University and her Master’s degree and internship in Human Nutrition at Arizona State University.  She completed her PhD in Human Nutrition at The Ohio State University where she studied the impact of dietary interventions for disease prevention.  Kristen has spent most of her clinical years working with intestinal failure patients and specializing in intestinal rehabilitation and home parenteral nutrition.  She is an active member in The Ohio Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition and is the coauthor of the iThrive program, which is a nutritional guide for consumers with intestinal dysmotility. Kristen has spoken nationally on the management of acid/base imbalances in clinical practice, improving nutrition support education for physicians and the management of intestinal failure patients. In addition to these presentations, she has published several articles and book chapters dedicated to the clinical management of intestinal failure.

Date: 12/04/2015
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